about us

Since 1997, Ma Bo Food Industries Sdn Bhd has steadily yet swiftly established our brand name as a preferred manufacturer of canned gourmet cuisine and refreshing desserts. Our selections cater to both Malaysian and international taste buds, providing authentic flavours with the convenience of state-of-the-art canning technologies.

Great, Authentic Flavours

Imagine the most flavoursome tastes researched using natural ingredients and aromatic spices to give you delicious cuisine that you love, all with the instant convenience to be enjoyed whenever and wherever!

Healthy Dessert Selections

Our creations from coconut are our showcase of success. Nata De Coco is our signature product and leads the market for its distinctive taste, texture and delectable variety of flavours.

We have also pioneered the art of extracting and creating Nata from coconuts in Malaysia. Having made an impact in the market with our Nata de Coco range, we have also made a mark in the market through our delicious Coconut Nut, popularly known as "Kaya".

At Ma Bo Food Industries, we pride ourselves on our stringent operations and manufacturing criteria. We are certified to international food manufacturing benchmarks including ISO22000, HACCP, Ministry Of Health Malaysia and HALAL. Food quality is assured to the highest hygiene and controls standards.

Ma Bo Food Industries has a dedicated research and development team, focusing on improving our flavours, quality and variants to serve the needs of our customers from around the world.

One of the key innovative flavours that we are working on including canned seafood such as Sambal Anchovies (Sambal Ikan Bilis) and Sambal Prawn, among others.

Every product recipe has been identified to provide an optimum blend of ingredients to meet the discerning needs of today's customers. We believe in the optimum blend of taste, flavour, quality as well as the health and safety aspect of our canned products.